Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Project 333

I've read about this project before. If you haven't heard of it, go here
I've always been tempted to do it. It sounds like fun. I also kinda did it while I was heavily pregnant. I only had a handful of maternity clothes, so I did wear the same few things all the time, and you know what, I actually felt really well dressed. Because I knew I looked good in all the clothes that I could fit. It also made getting dressed really simple, as there were so few choices.

Yesterday I read a blog post telling me that it was about to start for another 3 months in April. Usually I am reminded about it in the middle of the 3 month block, so don't do anything about it. This time however, I decided that I would.

First thing I did was go through two of my drawers of clothes. The short sleeved tops drawer and the long sleeved tops drawer. After putting some clothes in a pile to go to a friend (maternity), putting some in a pile to go to the op shop. I was asking myself why I still have a lace t-shirt that I haven't worn in about 8 years. And why I still have a 3/4 sleeve cardi when I've gone through my drawers since I realised I don't like 3/4 sleeves. Even taking into account that there are some t's and tops on the clean laundry couch, both of these drawers are now less than half full.

I opened the drawer with pants and skirts in it, took one look, decided I didn't want to deal with that mess at the time and promptly closed the drawer. Instead I got a pen and paper and sat down (on the end of the clean laundry couch) to work out what 33 items I wanted to wear for April, May and June.
This is when I came to the conclusion that while I like the idea of Project 333, I don't think I actually want to do it. See, I like variety too much. Project 333 is meant to be 33 items of clothing, not counting lounging around home wear, workout gear, underwear, sleepwear, wedding rings and any other items of sentimental jewelry that you don't take off. It does include all clothes, shoes and accessories that you are planning to use in that time.
I like the concept of clothes that you only wear for lounging around the house. For me currently this is pj pants and t-shirts. Mainly cos I'm still carrying too much of my baby weight to have pants that fit, and because I want to lose it, I haven't gone and bought myself more pants.

What I'd like to do is have it so that every item in my clothing is something I love, something that looks good on me and something that goes with most of the other clothes in there. I figure if all my clothes are like that, then I should wear most of them. Barring things like my LBD which get hauled out on special occasions.

So I'm currently tossing up between getting my wardrobe to the point mentioned above or if I do project 333. I'm wondering if I do a variation on project 333 where I have my base wardrobe of 33 items, I can swap things out if they get too big (which'd be really nice), but also have it so that if there are other clothes I'm wanting to wear then I can add those in. To try work out how many clothes I actually like wearing.

While I work this out, I really should clear out the drawer with pants and skirts in it.

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