Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Me Made May '13 Update

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of what I've been wearing  Partly because I forget to ask someone to take them, and partly because my only full length is somewhat blocked, so I can't use it to take photos myself.

Day 1 I wore jeans. I currently have no me made tops. I really need to do something about that. 

Day 2 I wore my purple panel skirt. I love this skirt so much. The fabric, the drape, the fit, the comfort. Mum bought me this fabric back from overseas, it was a big tube. It hung in my wardrobe till I finally decided to make this skirt. I've worn it so often since. I don't think a week goes by that I don't wear it. Sneakers are because I need new shoes and I was walking around Fielding with my daughter and mother in law that day. Top is from the Warehouse, and I think it's starting to get a bit big now. Scarf is my MIL's, as I forgot any of mine. 
Me Made May '13 - Day 2
Day 3 I only left the house to pick up the little one from daycare, I threw on my knitted gloves. I knitted these while I was still studying, so about 5-6 years ago. Knitted them during class actually. The class was called 'Occupation', it was totally appropriate. The multi-coloured wool was my first attempt at dying. A friend was going to do some rainbow dying and invited me to join her. This is what I ended up with. The gloves always make me smile as they remind me of all the fun we had that summer.
My fingerless gloves
Day 4, home all day, not sick, just exhausted. So it was a jeans and t-shirt day. 

Day 5 I wore my infinity dress to a two year olds birthday party. I wore it differently to how it is in my blog post, I put a twist in the strap as they went past the top edge of the bandeau  to change the neckline. Silly me, had my camera (well, phone) out to take photo's of Guinevere, but didn't get any of me. I did get some compliments, which was really nice. 

Day 6 was another jeans and t-shirt day. Guinevere's now sick, so I spent the day looking after her. 

Day 7 (today) I'm wearing my infinity dress again. This time I put a long sleeved tee under it, and wrapped the straps so it was topless. I was getting frustrated, as the first wrap kept falling down. So I'm now wearing it as a skirt with the straps wrapped around my waist and the bandeau folded down. 

This means that after the first week of May, I've worn me made items 4 times. If not for the challenge, I don't think I would have worn my infinity dress twice. So it's good to try out different ways to wear it. 

I was working on another panel skirt over the weekend, made with a $5 remnant of pinstripe from The Fabric Warehouse. It's not a good photo, the seams really need pressing, but a friend wanted to see the fabric. It's now on hold until I can go get some matching thread to do the waist and hem. The black I did panel seams with is fine as they can't be seen, but is slightly too dark for visible seams. I popped into one store this morning, but they didn't have a suitable colour. I'll have to wait till the little one is better to make another mission out to get the right colour. 

Pinstripe panel skirt, partially made, seams unpressed. 

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  1. Those rainbow gloves are full of happy!