Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cleared Worktable

On Friday night I started pottering at my worktable, slowly picking bits up and working out where they should go. Nothing too serious. Just as I went past each time, which admittedly is pretty frequently, as I walk past it to get to my computer, I'd pick something up and sort it.
Yesterday I did a little bit more. I was even able to start seeing the table top. You can see how covered it is in this photo (yes, same photo as in my last blog post)
Worktable used as dumping ground
And that photo is after I'd spent some time sorting things on it. Previous there wasn't space for the black and white bag at the front. 

This is what it now looks like:

Tidied worktable
All that is on it is my overlocker, a basket of craft bits that need new homes (most have new homes, they just need to get there), and a tray with my priority UFO's. I think there are 4 in there. 

I don't think my worktable has ever looked this clear, apart from the day it got moved into my sewing room. It's definitely going to make it easier to work on my UFO's for the next month as I do my '31 Days of Unfinished Projects.'


  1. Wow! i need you to walk past my table a few times - it is a bomb site. You are inspiring me to tidy!

    1. I can't believe how nice it is to have a clear workspace. I was able to cut things out on it today.

  2. That's an amazing transformation! Well done!

    1. Thanks. It doesn't look that good today, but hopefully by the end of the day....