Sunday, 12 January 2014

Short of Creative Time

I realised a few days ago that I hadn't written blogged in ages. Not since half way through my 31 Days of Unfinished Projects. Which I did do a little more on, but there were no more completed projects in October.

I have done some craft work in the past three months, I've even managed to finish a couple of things. And by couple, I mean about 4 small things, 3 of which were crochet washcloths. The main reason for this is I haven't had the time. I started working 4 months ago, instant loss of a whole bunch of time, then when you factor in there are lots of people on leave this time of year, I'm working even more. My husband also moved to another city for work, so during the week, I get to solo parent. A typical day currently is get up, drop little one at daycare, work, pop home for lunch, occasionally have time to put on washing or do some other housework task, back to work, pick up little one from daycare, go home, make dinner, spend time with little one till she's asleep (about 10pm) while trying to get some things around the house down, do the things that are needed to be ready for work/daycare in the morning then it's sleep time for me. Eeep, makes me exhausted just reading that. But it doesn't leave very much time for me.

I'm also working on a new project for me, right now, habits and decluttering. Which uses up what time I could find to create in.

I'm hoping in the new year, work will be a bit lighter, so I'll have some more time. In the mean time, 'real life' gets in the way of my being able to create.

I did finish a UFO this morning. I had decided yesterday, after talking to a friend who has a friend expecting a baby, to crochet her up a little baby hat. They're simple projects, don't take much time or wool and are so simple that I can do them in my spare minutes when I wouldn't be able to do a project that requires me to look at a pattern. Plus I think every baby needs handknits, especially if it's something made just for them. I decided which colour I was going to make it in as well. This morning, while slightly rearranging a cupboard to more easily get to the things that I use most frequently, I came across a nearly finished baby hat, in the right colour. It was tucked in the back behind a box. Why it was in there, I have no idea. 8 minutes later (yes, I timed it), I had a planned project completed and a UFO I didn't even know I had completed. Plus it used up an entire piece of ribbon from my trims drawer. So it was kinda stashbusting too. Yay :)

Pink Baby Hat

Now to go continue with resetting the house for the week ahead.

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