Sunday, 20 April 2014


Life has been a bit busy lately, so I haven't been spending as much time on my computer as usual. This isn't a bad thing, I've been getting things done around the house. Slowly sure, but progress is being made. I've also been spending more time knitting. For some reason I'm on a knitting binge and don't really feel like sewing much. It's a shame for the partially finished projects that are waiting around for me to find my sew-jo again. But my yarn stash is looking much happier for it.

A friend and I went through my stash earlier in the week. Except for one box of sweater lots that I'm trying to make a decision on, it all fits into my designated yarn cupboard. The box is awaiting a decision as it's mostly 5 ply, and I tend to be an 8 ply or 4 ply girl. I loves me some sock yarn.

The best thing about going through my stash with someone who knows me, knows crafting and knows my crafting style, she really asks the hard questions, but accepts that sometimes 'cos I love it', is a good reason to keep a yarn.

27 balls of yarn later, my stash was looking much happier. I feel I should point out that I went through on my own a couple of months ago and got rid of about that much then as well.

In the interests on honesty, I should also mention that during this process I added 3 balls from my friends stash into mine. I feel absolutely no guilt over this. I got rid of a bunch of stuff I wasn't going to use anytime in the near distant future and stuff that I didn't like or only kinda liked, and made way for three skeins of sock yarn that I love. Well, two that I loved and one my daughter loved. She kept cuddling it and saying 'mine'. I think I'll be making her something with it. Thankfully it goes with another skein I've got, so I have options.

I've found a project for 2 skeins of yarn that my Mum bought me years ago, which I'll blog about when I finish it. Shouldn't be too far away, in 2 weeks I'm halfway through it. I've also found a project for 2 skeins that I'd bought earlier this year for another project, that I didn't end up doing. Halfway through that as well, and a third (partial) skein is also being used in it. I've knitted over 100g of 4 ply in the past two weeks.

This is one of the projects I'm currently working on:


  1. Sometimes I have no desire to sew, but I want to cross-stitch everything all the time - I guess maybe all crafters are like that! Well done on reducing your stash, I'm KIND of trying to do that with fabric - mainly by realising I don't need to use every bit of fabric in some kind of exceptional project. I do love the colours of what you are knitting, they look beautiful together.

    1. I think having multiple crafts gives me my crafting fix, but means I don't burn out on a particular craft.
      That's a good realisation.

  2. Wow, what an overhaul! And yep, like Trees, I think creatives go through phases. Imho it's best to go with it - these are hobbies after all, so if it's not fun, don't do i!

    Those colours you'e knitting are stunning and I can't wait to see the finished article!

    And hey, if you've got yarn that you want to de-stash, you know where to post photos - I can think of one or two WSBN folk who might be willing to buy your yarn off you! :)

    1. Absolutely, it's gotta be fun.
      I can't wait to see it finished either. 2 pattern sections to go, then blocking.....
      Hmmmm, I didn't even think of that option :)