Thursday, 26 January 2012

The plan has already fallen apart

In my last post I'd made a plan of how I was going to get through de-cluttering and organising my house. It's already fallen apart. 
I was planning to finish the kitchen last week, work on the area at the top of the stairs this week and the lounge next week. Then gaming got organised for Monday just been at our place. This was fine. Then I got told that my sewing table would be needed as well as our main table. This meant moving ALL my projects and crafting bits out of the lounge, as I have an alcove in there for my sewing table. This included moving the bookshelf with my notebooks, ideas folders, small jars of buttons and other miscellaneous items. 
The result of this being that the kitchen didn't get finished. The lounge isn't finished either. Yes, it is tidy and uncluttered currently, but I don't consider it complete until I have moved my sewing items back in. But it's actually somewhat easier now, as I'm starting from a blank slate so to speak. 

This week no progress has happened towards organising and de-cluttering. With a half a day at the doctors, half a day with a friend and her 5 day old baby, half a day doing groceries (which I still haven't managed to put away) as I then spent the rest of that day in the emergency department finding out that my husband has a mild to moderate concussion. Add to that a baby who has decided that waking several times in the night to feed is the way to go. My week has disappeared on me. I did have social time today (my husband referred to it as 'mums and bubs Stargate Atlantis', there was lasagne, it was enjoyed by all). I prioritise some social time and me time over housework as it's good for my mental health. There is no point in having a perfect house if I'm too stressed to enjoy it. I've also managed to keep everyone well fed. 

I think I'm going to spend the weekend working on the lounge, dealing to the couch currently known as 'Mt Washmore' and moving my sewing workstation back into the lounge in a tidy and uncluttered manner. The bookshelf will stay in the back bedroom. I'm also allowed to store craft items in there, as long as it is tidy and ready to be used as a guest bedroom. There are drawers under the bed for my yarn and a unit for my unfinished projects (which I'm hoping to empty by the end of the year), but those are both topics for another day's post. 

But for now, I'm going to go put my feet up, make a hot blackcurrant and enjoy some quiet time before the little one wakes for another feed before hopefully sleeping the night through. 

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