Thursday, 5 January 2012

Updated list of 2012 Goals

Happy New Years to all.

I didn't finish my sock, but I did finish two other projects, and make significant inroads on two more. So I'm happy with that.

I posted a few weeks ago about two goals I have for this year. I've also been jotting down other things I'd like to work on this year. When I had a look at my list last night, I realised there were 12 things on it. That seems appropriate. I think I'll leave the list at that length.

So here are my goals for this year:

  •          Complete all small to medium sized current projects
  •          Make Guinevere’s Fantasy/Medieval alphabet book
  •          Turn downstairs into a usable space
  •          Eat healthier
  •          Exercise more
  •          Start a business with my crafts
  •      Learn to play the violin
  •          Get more organized
  •          Put in a garden
  •          Work on debt
  •          Find work as an OT
  •          Continue to grow an amazing little girl
Now I just need to work out how I am going to reach each of these goals, and how I am going to measure when I have achieved them. Some, like Guinevere's alphabet, will be easy to tell when they are finished. Others, like eating healthier and getting more organised, are going to be harder to tell. So I'm going to have to work out some definable mark that lets me know I've improved and got where I'd like to be. But I'll do that another day. For now, I'm going to go work on finishing a project that absolutely needs finished as it's for someone else and it's been dragged out for far too long. Plus some spinning to relax. 

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