Monday, 7 January 2013

Starting the new year how I mean to go on

I haven't written in awhile. I keep meaning to. I keep thinking of things to write late at night when I'm in bed. Then by morning I'm busy looking after a small child or doing something around the house.

We were meant to be leaving our daughter with her Granny for New Years and heading down to Christchurch, that didn't end up happening. We decided we were too tired/run down to drive the two hours to Granny's, drive back to the airport, fly down, party, sleep a couple of hours, fly back, drive 2 hours to Granny's, then drive another two hours home. So we stayed home. We invited a couple of friends over, and had a relaxed evening. With tasty food, some gaming, crafting, Doctor Who and drinking.

I started the year how I meant to go on. With good company and good food. With laughter. With decluttering (the bottles we finished were half empty already, it totally counts as decluttering....) My friends also took home some books that I'd already cleared off my shelves, I was happy to see those go to a good home.

I've also started losing the weight that I put on over the holiday period, 0.4kg of the 1.4kg gained is gone already. Then I can work on the other twenty odd kilos that I need to lose to get down to a healthy weight for me. Please note that I said healthy weight for me. If I went by the reccomended weight for my height according to a BMI of 22 I'd need to lose about 30kg and be around 58kg. I haven't been that weight since I was in high school. Even at uni, when I ate reasonably well, worked an active job, walked a reasonable amount and was going to the gym 2-3 times a week I was 60-62kg.

Right, now that I've gone off on a tangent about my weight, which really wasn't my intention, but making it public isn't bad as it's accountability, I'm going to go clean the kitchen and finish a sewing project.


  1. Happy new year! :-)

    A group of us Wellington bloggers are having a meet up on Sunday 20 Jan if you'd like to come join us. Details are over here:

    1. Happy new year to you too.
      Sounds like fun, I'll see if I can get the afternoon free :)