Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Historical Sew Fortnightly.

A friend linked to a course that was being held at Made on Marion. A course on making an underbust corset, run by Leimomi Oakes, the Dreamstress. Corset making is something that I've always wanted to learn. So after checking that my husband would be fine to watch our little one on those nights, I signed up. After having a read through her blog, I found her Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge. Given I've been thinking about my medieval wardrobe lately, planning a steampunk party, have a massive stash that I really need to start using, and love a good challenge, I immediately thought, 'count me in'. 

I do know that I don't always complete challenges, but I always make progress, more progress than I would have if I wasn't doing the challenge. I think it motivates me to spend my time more productively rather than online or reading or flitting from thing to thing and not getting much of anything done.

The first challenge I did was #2. I found out too late to do the first two, and honestly, I'm not entirely sure I would have done them.
Challenge #2 was UFO. My plan was to work on my wedding dress. Now obviously, it's wearably finished, but that doesn't mean it's as finished as I'd like it. My plan was to finish covering all the internal seams with ribbons. At 7 shoulder to floor seams plus two running the length of each arm, that is a lot of hand sewing. Especially as it means sewing down both sides of the ribbon, and constantly checking to make sure I'm only sewing it to the interlining and not catching the silk dupion the outer of the dress is made of. I managed to do a couple of them, clocking about 5 hours of sewing. Then I got sick. Sore throat and absolutely no energy. My husband got sick, ditto on the sore throat and lack of energy. Then my daughter got sick, snotty nose, restless sleeps, grizzly and wanting lots of attention. No sewing happened. From Tuesday to Friday. Finally, I had a little more energy, so I cleared my part of my sewing room, so that I could fit my new sewing desk in (the old one went downstairs) and actually use my room to sew. Cue getting worse. It's now been 8 days and challenge number 2 has ended. I didn't finish what I wanted, but I made progress. That counts.

Challenge #3 is Under it All. I'm thinking I might just make a shift, out of stash fabric, I should have something suitable. I have a couple of overdresses, and I'm planning to make more, but I'd be better off with some more shifts. My other option is to make a coloured skirt to go under the Tudor and Elizabethan gowns that I have. Either way, it needs to come out of stash.
I might not even do it, depends on time. I have costumes to sort for my SteamPunk birthday party in two weeks and a house to clean for it.

Now, I should sleep. Guinevere's in daycare tomorrow, so I have a day where I can sew to my hearts content.

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