Sunday, 18 December 2011

12 by 2012 Update

In the past two months I've been pretty unfocused, so I have found it hard to get stuck into projects unless external factors force me to. So, in all honesty, I don't think that I am going to get everything on my list finished. I can live with that. I've worked on other projects and I've worked on me. The main thing I've achieved is finding an organisational system that works for me, meaning I am actually getting things done now. 

1  on my list was organise the pantry. I've got 3 of the 5 shelves done. I still need to do the baking shelf and the bottom of the pantry. But the shelves I have done are the ones I use most often and they've stayed tidy. 
2 was completing my second blue sock. I'm taking that with me when I go down to visit my parents for Christmas, there is still a chance that I will get that one finished.
3 is the wedding shawl - Complete!
4 is making a wooden chest. I'll do that when I get back.
5 was a container for the laundry powder. I found one and I tidied the top of the drier where those items go, it has stayed tidy since - Complete!
6 was Erin's bag - Complete!
7 is Ellen's cape, I still need to get a lining fabric and make it.
8 was Guinevere's playmats - Complete!
9 is digitise Nan's cookbook. I've photographed it and have started typing up the recipes. Still need to finish the recipes and scan it. That I'll do when I get back.
10 was start a blog - Complete!
11 was work out what I want for my computer work station, an ongoing document currently, but I've been working with what I've got, and all I need to do is shuffle a few things off the shelves behind me and it'll be done. 
12 was organise the nappy changing bits beneath her bassinet - Complete!

So currently 6 of the 12 are complete. One is nearly completed (11). Two are half done (1 & 9). Two aren't started (7&4). One is half done and might get finished by the end of the year(2).
Surprisingly, I'm actually happy with this. I have had a couple of other projects come up as priorities and the shawl took so much longer than I anticipated. 

Now, to go work on a project that needs finished tonight, make dinner and pack for myself and Guinevere for our early morning flight tomorrow. 

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  1. Well, 50% is a pass mark - and with the partially completed stuff, I reckon you make it to at least a B+ for this assignment if you were someone without a huisband, baby and house to care for. As it is, definitely an A+! Go you! :-) (I may have to try for a 13 by 2013...)