Thursday, 1 December 2011

#6 of my 12

Yay, one more project down, one more item out of my house and one less thing cluttering up my mind.

I saw a gorgeous piece of fabric over a year ago, and it screamed to be made into something for a friend of mine, the fabric was just so her. So I bought some. She then mentioned in passing she needed a new bag, so I decided I'd make her a bag with it, especially as her birthday was coming up. I cut out the fabric. Fast forward about12 months, I'm going to her next birthday dinner and the bag is still in it's component pieces.

This week I sat down and sewed it. It took me less than two hours. That was all. Two hours. I spend more than that on my computer some evenings. Guinevere even cooperated and babbled to herself and to me on the floor while I did it around her, explaining it to her as I went.

I gave it to my friend tonight, and she loves it, says she needed a new knitting bag, and it will work well for it.
Here is my finished project:

This means I have now done 4 of my 12 by 2012. 8 more to go. The pantry is half done (I've been doing a shelf at a time). My sock is on hold, I'm taking it with me when I go down to my parents for Christmas. I'm working on the wedding shawl every day, have nearly finished part A, and have asked a friend to help me with part B, I don't quite understand the charted pattern. Everything else is just waiting for me to do it. I'm running out of time. Hopefully now that Guinevere is a bit more settled during the day and going to sleep around 10pm rather than closer to midnight I can get more work done.

Any tips for managing to get things done while looking after a small child?

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