Monday, 28 November 2011


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with life currently. The past 5 weeks have been a mess.
What was meant to be our much looked forward to family holiday was cut short due to extended family drama's, which we are still dealing with, and will be continuing to deal with for at least another 2 months, but most likely longer. This is costing us time, lots of money and lots of stress, resulting in my husband being sick lots, as his body doesn't deal with stress well.
In the past 5 weeks I've had the flu, Guinevere has had a tummy bug, then a chest infection then started teething and Gynn had a tummy bug then got bronchitis and laryngitis. Guinevere has also decided that she doesn't need to sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time during the day, and only a couple of those. She's also wanting to be held or directly interacted with.
This has meant the housework has fallen over, my projects have all gone on hold (including ones for other people) and me trying to get organised went on hold. It also means when I do have time to do something, it's a very small chunk of time, not long enough to really get stuck into doing anything.
All of which combines to leave me feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

So I'm trying to get myself back into some semblance of order, and the house tidy, hopefully before the role playing boys are over on Wednesday night.

One of my friends recently pointed me towards todoist, and I'm finding it meshes in quite nicely with how my brain works and the word document based organisational system that I've already been working on. I especially love how I can set recurring events, and it lets me know which things I haven't done. So far I haven't managed to do everything I'd wanted to do in a day, but the important things are now getting done, and the maintenance stuff (splitting housework chores onto separate days) is starting to take on a routine like shape.

I've also been reading through Trent's review of Getting Things Done by David Allen. I'm thinking I need to track down this book and read it for myself, as it's really helping me organise things. Especially the next action idea. It's making it easier for me to look at an big project and work out where to start and what little thing I can do next.

It seems to be working. I'm slowly getting things done again :)


  1. I have been a silent lurker for a while, and hope things get better. Family drama's are really a pain. They really drench us from our energy and motivation and make it even harder to achieve goals we have set for ourselves. Keep at it. I love your site ; )

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Kierinm