Thursday, 1 November 2012

31 Days of unfinished projects, finished.

I think that getting to the end of the month counts as a finished project in itself.

It's been an interesting month. Knowing that I 'had' to write about what unfinished project work I did that day meant that before heading to bed each night I had to try to write a post. I didn't manage it every day, but I managed it most of them. Some of the days I put the post up the following day, which is better than just not doing it. The end of the day is possibly not the best time to be writing, especially with a daughter who stays up as late as mine, but hey. Thinking about it, I probably would have been better off writing a post in the morning/afternoon about what project work I had done the previous day. I'll remember that for next time .However, the point of this for me wasn't writing about what I'd done, it was actually working on my unfinished projects. The writing was merely external accountability.

I'm actually feeling much more motivated to work on projects and get them done. I'm hoping to get it so that I only have a few projects on the go in each craft. I don't think the sewing list will take too long to get down to 5 or less, it is the cross stitch list that will take me ages. Mainly due to not being able to spend much time working on them as I can't do them very easily with Guinevere around, and also due to the time some of them will take as they are quite large designs. Plus I don't seem to enjoy cross stitch as much as I used to, I now seem to prefer knitting and sewing.

Summary of unfinished project progress:

Finished: (7, 4 old, 3 new)
Baby blanket for NICU
Sean's Artemis Badges
Hat for A

Discarded (wasn't sure what else to call it): (1)
Monkey socks (frogged)

Progress: (6)
Tatty Teddy cross stitched bookmark
Tatty Teddy 'School Girl' cross stitch
'Promise Eagle' cross stitch
Shakana's birth sampler
Jaliah's birth sampler

Opal's cushion covers

Untouched: (24)
3 knitting projects
11 sewing projects
10 cross stitch projects

New Projects:  (4)

Gynn's trackpants (in finished list)
Blue panel skirt (in finished list)
A's Hat (in finished list)
Blue skirt #2 (cut out, only cut as I was cutting two skirts from one piece of fabric)

Now onto November and my next challenge, 13 by 2013.

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