Friday, 30 November 2012

November project update/ 13 by 2013

I haven't finished any projects this month. I had good intentions, but they didn't happen. I was meant to get the cushion covers and the birth samplers done by the start of this week, so that Mum could take them down to my sisters. Thankfully, Mum's back up in 2.5 weeks, so hopefully I've got them done by then.
I did start some new projects. I've started a scarf, a pair of socks (Christmas present) and some Christmas ornaments for a swap. Realistically, I shouldn't be doing the swap, but I haven't done one in ages, so I wanted to. Plus I'd told myself I could only do it if I'd decided what I was doing prior to signing up. So it saved me rushing around like a mad thing trying to work out what to make, just rushing around like a mad thing making them.

I did have a really productive day last weekend. I moved furniture to a friends that I didn't need and she did. I moved a couch from her place to our place. Our plan for the downstairs space is to have a gaming/lounging area. Couch is useful for that, especially as it folds out into a bed. I also took an entire carload of items I was donating down to a local op shop. Plus all the recycling that was down there got taken to the recycling station at the bottom of the hill. Downstairs is now looking much better, and starting to get in line with our view for it. Getting all that done in one day is motivating me to get more done. Plus getting all those items out of our house was one of the things on my list of 13 to finish by the end of the year.

But first I'm going to finish these ornaments and get them sent out.

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