Sunday, 25 November 2012

Keeping Hats

I have been reading about minimalism. For me minimalism is about having enough, not too much. Maybe a few extra craft bits for projects, but not the overwhelming stash that I currently have. Only clothes that fit me, not all these 'one day', or 'I like but I'm never going to wear cos I always pick something else instead' clothes that fill up my wardrobe. I found this word on a blog post I read and I love it - Lagom

I've been trying to move stuff into the (massive) pile of bits to donate as I find them. Figuring even one or two items a day should add up if I keep at it.

I have a hat. I have several actually, but one in particular. I kinda like it. I bought it when I was in the States on my honeymoon. We were going to Burning Man and I figured a cap to keep the sun out of my eyes would be a good thing to purchase, as I'd forgotten to bring mine from home. Now that I'm home, I never wear it. It's been sitting with my other hats for two years, and I have not once worn it. I always chose my other cap in preference. Oh, I'll try my Burning Man one one, but I always take it off as it's just a little too snug. I've been doing this for two year. You'd think I'd have figured it out by now. Last night, I looked at it and laughed. I realised I've been holding onto if for the memory of why I bought it and why I wore it. And it occurred to me it was a silly reason to hold onto it, when it just keeps getting in the way. So I put it in a bag with a couple of other clothes and put them downstairs. I was intending to rescue it briefly, take a photo of it, then put it back in the bag. But I forgot. Then I had a day where friends and I shared trailer hire and moved a whole bunch of furniture we both needed to do. My car also got loaded with donation items and it all got dropped off. I realised as I drove away from dropping it off, that the hat had gone and I didn't take a photo. I had no desire to go back and find it to photograph it.

I have to say, by no means am I saying don't hold onto sentimental items. I have quite a few sentimental items that I hold onto, but this is one I don't need to keep. Due to the gift economy that runs at Burning Man I have other items which remind me of my honeymoon ay Burning Man.

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  1. :-)
    I've been working through a lot of this too - nothing like having the family come to stay to get the house more de-cluttered before Christmas!
    Keep up the good work!