Friday, 11 November 2011

#8 Of My 12

#8 on my list was hem Guinevere's play mats.I managed to do that about 3 days ago. I have been too busy since then to post, as my little Guinevere got a chest infection.

It really didn't take long to do, all I had to do was iron the double fold for the hems (I rarely pin them, especially if I'm sewing it up straight away) then stitch it up. All done.

Here is the little one enjoying her freshly hemmed play mat in the sun :)

I've been working on another couple of the items. My socks are coming along, but I've run into a hiccup, I can't find where I put the book with the pattern. So they are on hold till I find it. I've done some more work on the wedding shawl, and that is looking good. 
I thought I'd completed one of my tasks when I found a container for the laundry powder. It's now in a big jar that I had. The jar will hold about 4 boxes of powder, and it means I can get my hand into it to scoop out powder. When I put the powder in the jar I realised I couldn't consider the task complete until I'd cleared off the top of the washing machine. Unfortunately, Guinevere chose that time to wake up, and I haven't yet finished it. 

Hopefully I'll get a bit more done over the next few days as she gets over her chest infection. 

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