Saturday, 5 November 2011

My 12 by 2012

I have a 'Master To Do List'  that I work from. Every time I think of something that needs doing, I add it to this list. It's pretty long. It does mean when I'm wandering around restless I can look at it and potentially find something to do. 
As I've said, I came across a blog post about setting a list of 12 things to get done by 2012. I decided this would be a good idea, I also got a friend on board, so we are encouraging each other. 
There are other things I'd like to get done before the end of the year, but these are the ones that made the list. 

1. Organise my pantry. I don't like my pantry, but I can't afford to re-do my kitchen yet.
2. Finish knitting the my blue socks, I've got second-sock-itis. 
3. Complete the wedding shawl for Sam. I have a deadline for this one, they get married just after Christmas, but she heads away in a month, and I'd really like to finish it before then. 
4. Make at least one of the wooden chests I have the materials for. I have the wood and fittings to make 4, I have had for nearly 18 months. 
5. Find a container for the laundry powder, scooping it out of the box always seems so messy.
6. Finish Erin's bag. This was for her birthday, last year. We just went out for dinner for her birthday this year, so I'm running a little behind. It's cut out.
7. Ellen's cape. This was meant to be for her birthday back in May, not running as far behind on this one. 
8. Hem Guinevere's playmats. They fray a little more each time they go through the wash. And I know they won't take long to do, there are only two of them to do. 
9. Digitise Nan's cookbook. I have my Grandmother's handwritten cookbook, I'd hate for something to happen to it. 
10. Start a blog. Okay, so I've already done this one.
11. Work out what I want in my ideal computer workstation.
12. Organise the nappy changing stuff beneath Guinevere's bassinet. This includes clearing out the shelves that are behind it. 

So this is what I'm working on. Some are small projects, some are significantly bigger. All of them need done. It's trying to find the time and motivation around looking after an 11 week old and trying to look after myself. 

I think I should go work on one of them :)

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