Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 16: Halfway through the month.

Yesterday I was working on my teal dress. I know it's been worn out before. But I was doing the whole last minute thing, and just ironed and safety pinned up the hem. No one could tell...
But I want to wear the teal dress this weekend. We're having a cocktail party for my husband's 33 & 1/3 birthday party, and I want to wear something pretty. I have one dress in my wardrobe that would be suitable, but it doesn't fit my post baby body. I haven't yet decided that I'll never fit it again, so it's still there.

So I'm hand hemming the skirt. I don't recall the last time I did that. But I underlined the dress. If I hand hem it I can hem it onto the lining, and it won't show on the front. Which just meant I couldn't let myself machine hem it. Today in a gap between clients I sat in the car and worked on it for a bit. Then later in the afternoon I had another, slightly longer gap. I was sitting in a cafe, with a hot chocolate, and some hemming on my lap.

I even called my mum to check that I was meant to be using herringbone stitch on the hem. Really doing this properly. Definitely getting quicker as I get into the hang of it again.

It's also the halfway mark for the month, so a round up of where I'm at so far.

Progressed Projects:

Baby blanket - I always seem to make progress on this, I think because it's a simple thing to pick up and do, plus it's portable. I also don't have any other simple knitting projects on the go currently, and haven't had the inclination to cast any on.

Teal dress - The hem is now partially hand stitch. I suspect this will be my next finished project, unless I pick up and finish a simple one.

Finished Projects:

Cabled baby cocoon - Needed stitched up and buttons added
Hungry Caterpillar Dress - Only needed buttons added, can't believe it took me so long to finish.
Wetbags - I now have 4 of them for daycare, rather than 1.
Shopping bag - The one mum got me. Is more a repair, but was in UFO cupboard, so had been needing repaired for awhile, it counts.
Underbust Corset - So happy to have finished this.
PJ Pants - Technically a repair job too, but was a big rip. Plus turned out I had to redo all seams.

Halfway, and I've finished 6 projects and made progress on 2 more. I also can't recall any new projects I've started this month, so I'm definitely making inroads into that cupboard. I'm happy with that.


  1. I love you hemming in the car and the café! I think often we think we need a certain amount of time and our place to do things and don't bother if it's less but actually fitting in a row here, a seam there, is so effective!

    Your teal dress is gorgeous. I haven't hemmed mine yet either... But will this weekend!

    1. I'm trying to make better use of the small amounts of time I get that so often are wasted. Plus there's something kinda luxurious about sitting down to a coffee someone else made you and sewing.

      I've worn the teal dress again, half hemmed. I love yours, you look so glamorously elegant in it!