Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 8: More Wetbags...

I'm getting a little sick of these wetbags. I just want them finished. They should be a quick project, the first one I'm pretty sure only took an evening. So spending several days making 3, especially when they were already cut out, seems a bit excessive. But that's part of being sick and lacking focus I guess.

I did finish one of them yesterday. Then overlocked the handles on the final two, and stitched the side seams up. By that point the little one was ready to go to bed. I was tired too, so I tucked myself in with her. So for today that leaves the bottoms and handles of to bags to do. Then they'll be done. All done. Never to be looked at again. I hope.

I also did a repair, another nappy insert, same as the day before. Real quick fix, but was nice to repair it between airing rack and putting it away. Especially as it's already in use again today.

Plus there were a couple of rows knitted on the baby blanket, while sitting on the couch watching the tv.

Once again, another day of small, slow progress on projects (as I'm counting the wetbags as one project even though I'm making 3 of them). But it's another day of progress.

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