Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 17: A Craftless Day

It's happened the past two Wednesdays, I get to the end of the day and realise that I haven't done any crafting. It's not a long work day, I'm finished by 11am. But there are groceries to get and put away. There are 4 extras to feed for dinner, so cooking takes longer, especially as there are usually two options, meat and vegetarian. I also tend to do a bunch of my housework on Wednesday. So it's more a house day than a craft day. Even though I do spend some time in my sewing room, it's normally around looking after the little one so her Daddy can run his role playing game.

While my worktable was clear, my husband used to come into my sewing room, sit down and talk to me, something he hasn't really done in the past. He'd usually stand in the doorway to talk to me. Now that there is less visual clutter, something that really doesn't work for him, he is happy to come chat. It's quite nice.

I've also noticed that over the past few days my worktable has slowly gotten itself covered. I seem to have a habit of putting things down on it, as it's a clear and available surface, well, it was, currently isn't. And thinking about it more, the amount of time I've spent working on projects seems to have decreased as my table clutter increased. Coincidence? Who knows. I think it means that I'm going to have to make more of an effort to organise my sewing room. Which really should involve some destashing, as seriously, I could go for years on what I've got in here.


  1. You mentioned earlier in the month that you realised you didn't like working on your projects when your worktable wasn't clear, so it's not surprising that your productivity decreases as the clear space decreases. I try and have a once a week restoration of the craft room to tidy to keep it under control as I also am much happier in a tidy space!

    Also, you cook for 7 every Wednesday? You machine! I hope you're effusively thanked and they cook for you or bring takeaways occasionally!

    1. I've been wondering if designate a 'reset' time, probably a Sunday evening, to tidy my sewing room and sort everything for the week ahead.
      It's quite fun, I get to try new recipes on them. They all pitch in towards the cost of the meal, occasionally bring dessert and if I don't feel up to it they happily get takeaways. So it's a pretty good deal.