Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 9: FO: Wetbags

I finished the final two wetbags last night. This shall be my last post on them. Yay. I'm sure you're all probably glad of that too. I had help while I was finishing them. Guinevere was standing on a chair, leaning on my table supervising me while I pinned the bottoms of the bags. Then she sat on the desk beside my sewing machine while I did all the stitching. She gets to hand me the scissors to cut the thread, then put them away again. There was one moment where she attempted to cut the wetbag she was holding rather than putting them away.... Thankfully the scissors I use for thread are blunt near the tip, deliberately chosen so the little one can 'help' with less stress to me.

The bobbin thread ran out just as I finished the final seam. So glad that it was right at the end. Sure, I always have a couple

Here they are. I finished another red one, but it's already in use.

Two finished wetbags

Having them finished means that I have enough wetbags for daycare, and won't get dirty nappies coming home in plastic bags. Better for the environment. Especially as they were made from the remnants of two shower curtains that I got given. It also means I'm finally done with that project. Can you tell I'm over it? I'm actually kinda pleased with myself, that rather than moving onto another project, I kept going with it till it was finished. I think it helped that I knew it shouldn't take too much longer.


  1. Woohoooooo! They're done! High fives all round. Good on you for getting there, that's fantastic.

    1. Thanks. I don't think I want to make one for a long time now.