Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 7: Wetbag

I was intending to make cloth pull ups and work on my corset this weekend, but I just haven't been able to. I'm feeling a bit better today, managed a couple of rows of simple knitting. I didn't think that starting a new project or working on one I wanted to do a really good job on was a smart idea. So, onto the wetbags it was.

After changing the thread colour in my overlocker, one thread I had to redo a couple of times as I missed one step, I was all set up to go.  I had a look at my existing wetbag, and decided that even tho the fraying isn't bad for 6 months of being washed sometimes once usually twice a week I would overlock the edges.
Fraying on existing wetbag
 Because I drafted the pattern for this directly off a supermarket plastic bag, the handles on this have a curve to them, which I really like the look of. However, my overlocker doesn't like going around the curves. I have no idea if this is a my overlocker, my skills or a general overlocker thing, but trying to work that out today, not happening.

Previous handle curves
So instead I decided to trim out the pretty curve and have a straight line, much easier to overlock. Plus the bonus of barely any effort to it. 

New handle curves
I got one bag partially constructed. But I don't think my brain is firing on all cylinders. After having to unpick seams multiple times, seriously, I didn't think it was that hard to sew the handles together the right way, I decided I might be better reading my book. 

I did complete a small repair job. When I was taking dry washing off the airing rack, I noticed that one of the nappy inserts had come away on one side, so I overlocked that back together. Just as well I'd changed the thread colour, otherwise it might not have happened.

Another day of small progress, but another day of progress. 


  1. Oh god I learned the hard way that sometimes, sewing while sick is a bad, bad idea. Well done on achieving anything!

    1. Gotta love that brainless crafting. Knitting always seems to be my default for that.