Monday, 14 October 2013

Days 10-14: It's been a long weekend, but I finished things.

I haven't blogged for several days, for a variety of reasons. Mainly because between work, home stuff, social commitments and migraines, I just haven't had the brains/time to sit down and write.

I had one craftless day. I got to the end of it and was somewhat surprised to realise I hadn't touched my craft work. Unless fondling some gorgeous blue buzzy bee flannelette than Nicola brought over for me to make nappy inners out of counts. It's making me smile while it dries on the airing rack, so I know it's going to make me smile when I see the inside of the little ones cloth pull ups.

Exciting new for me on the house front, I've arranged to get our downlights replaced, with LED ones which means the insulation going in can go straight over top, rather than needing a gap like the existing ones do. Will make for a much warmer house. I also discovered that the current ceiling insulation stops just before my sewing room, so it's going to make hiding in here and sewing so much more pleasant.

Finished Project: shopping bag that my mum bought me, which had torn down the side.

All torn and not at all usable

 Wasn't too hard to fix, just a little fiddly, had to cut away the frayed fabric, then pin it back in to the binding. Slippery satiny fabric.
Slightly more curved at the side, but all usable now

The wording on the case is why Mum bought it for me

Finished Project: Underbust corset.
Now, this deserves an entire post on it's own. But seeing as I'm so happy to have finished it, 6 months after finishing the class on it, and it got it's first outing, I'm going to put up some pics anyway.
The first two aren't the best, the sun was quite bright, but check out the view from our balcony :)
Bright sun, yay for hat to stop glare

Different angle to try for different light

 This one gives a better view of it. I love it. So comfortable to wear. Good for the posture too, I can't slouch in it. I hadn't actually noticed how the pattern appears to have a black strip running horizontally on it.

And the back. Still got enough room in it to lose a little more weight. I was surprised how well it fit given how much I'd lost since it was made. Definitely glad that it was made a bit smaller to allow for that.

Looking at my hair from the back almost makes me think it looks medusa like.....

Definitely need to make myself another one, or ten. In all the colours..... And properly make the rest of a steampunk outfit. The skirt I'm wearing still need the waistband properly brought in, rather than the massive fold pinned on the right side in the above picture. I also want to put metallic D rings to pull up the skirt, rather than the pink ones that are currently on it, but they were all I could find when I first started refashioning it. I also need to position them further inwards. 

There has been a bunch of knitting on the baby blanket, another couple of small repairs done, and my sewing table is still mostly cleared. 

Even though I haven't managed to write every day, I'm still managing to work on my projects nearly every day. Even finishing some, yay. Now to decide what are my current priority projects. 

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