Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 11: Sewing and Cross Stitch

No knitting today, I think for the first time this month.

Today I started framing the two cross stitched samplers. One of them has been attached to the backing board and just needs something to cover the back. The other has the backing board cut out and is read to be attached. So not quite finished, but closer to finished than yesterday.

The sewing I did today was working on my paneled skirt. I'd originally forgotten about it, so I have edited my epic list from the start of the month and added it. I was originally going to put a zip in, requiring it to be fitted. It's why it ended up in the cupboard of unfinished projects, as I cut it too big. Today I decided I was going to put an elastic waistband in. So I have now sewn up the back seam, cut the elastic and ironed a casing into the waistband ready to sew.

I did some project planning too. A friend has asked if I can teach her to sew, so I was looking through my patterns and found one I'd like to make. It's actually the first new project that I have been tempted to start this month. I did want to make myself a couple of new skirts out of stash fabric. If my friend opts for that design, it'll make it easier to teach as I'd be making one alongside so I can show her on mine and then she can try it on hers.

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