Friday, 12 October 2012

Day 12: All the crafts, and another finished project

I finished my paneled skirt!! And I'm wearing it!! I might need to take the elastic in a little more, but I'll wear it another day or two before I decide that. It's really nice and comfy to wear.
I'm really happy with this skirt, for more reasons that it's comfy and cost me about 50c to make, the fabric being a gift and the elastic was picked up really cheap. It's made from a piece of fabric/garment that my Mum brought me back from overseas somewhere, I don't recall where. It was a big loop of fabric that got worn around the body, was about 2m of fabric. I wasn't going to wear it the way it was intended, with the extra fabric kinda folded up and tucked in like you do a towel. So I turned it into a skirt. I used the selvedge edge for the bottom hem, so that I didn't have to hem it. It's not lazy, it's time efficient.... It does mean the hem hangs a little longer where the panels join, but I like the look of it. It's nearly ankle length, summery and twirly :)


Plus more knitting on the baby blanket.Only a couple of rows while Guinevere was happily playing with her jigsaw, aka throwing the pieces behind the rocking horse
Guinevere then decided a late nap was in order, so I've pulled out a cross stitch. Just a little one, the tatty teddy bookmark, it'll be easy to put on the back of the couch when she wakes up.

I sometimes wish I could sit down and just work on a project from start to finish, but it's not always possible. Sometimes due to small child and sometimes due to my love of variety. At least at the moment I'm trying to bounce between only a few projects, so that they get finished. I am making an effort to work on more complex ones when the little one is asleep, ones that previously I've been ignoring. I know I keep saying that my goal is to get down to only a couple of projects in each craft. I'm hoping that by reminding myself of that, I'll be more likely to get there. So far this month I'm two projects closer to that goal. I can see the end in sight for another three projects. Five down would be good progress on that goal. Putting it all down on here is a form of external motivation for me. So I'm thinking when this month is up I might do what I did last year with my 12 by 2012, and do 13 by 2013. Chances are there will be other things in there, like things around the house that I'd like to get done, but some of the craft projects will make it onto the list.

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