Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 30: Knitting and Sewing and Finished Projects

I did some sewing last night, after putting up yesterdays post. I finished sewing Sean's Artemis badges, yay for one more thing on my list done.

I didn't do any more knitting last night. But when I started today, I was surprised at how close to what I wanted to get done yesterday I was, only took me about 10 minutes to get there. I was hoping to finish the hat today. I've managed to knit one of the i-cords and am halfway through the other. Should only be about another 30-60 minutes work, by the time I've woven in the loose ends. I was foiled by a Guinevere who is really teething. She let me look in her mouth yesterday, and I got a look at the bottom teeth, 4 are working their way up, with one of the lower molars being the most prominent. I got a look at her upper teeth today, and there are another 4 working their way out. Once again, one of the molars is really prominent, there is a blister where the tooth is going to come out, so I'm hoping it comes through soon. Until then, lots of cuddles and attention.

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