Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day Ten: Knitting and a frogged project

I didn't get around to framing the two cross stitches today, instead I did lots of knitting on the baby blanket. It's not about 80% done, which is a good feeling. At the rate I'm knitting it, about 6 rows a day, it should be done within a week. I did do twice that today.

I spent a little bit of time in my craft room today. Put a few things away, stared aimlessly around trying to work out what to do next. I have realised that all my non-acrylic yarns fit in the drawers intended for them without having to be packed in. This is because I gave quite a few balls of wool away recently, some to a friend I was teaching to knit, and some to a friend who's little girl was in NICU and needed pure wool for a blanket for her. Given that the wool I gave her was originally purchased to make her son a baby blanket (which he didn't need as he got given several others) passing what was left on to her after making a snuggle sack for her little girl was a good thing. Plus space in my wool drawers. I also gave her a couple of balls of cotton, for making a chemo cap for one of the nurses. All up, that was about 10 50g balls of wool out of the drawers, plus all the coloured 8ply ends of balls. I really need to knit up more of my stash yarn, as there is quite a lot there. Not nearly as much as I have fabric, but still, lots. I have pretty much got it to the point where all the yarn in there I love and is yarn I will use. With it all now fitting comfortably into the drawers, it's a good place to be in stash wise.

One other thing I did was frog my Monkey Socks. I hadn't done much of them, only about 2", but I realised I didn't love the pattern, so off the needles they were coming. Technically it's not a finished project, but it's no longer an unfinished project, so that is good.

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