Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day Two: Knitting and Sewing

I like that this month started on a Monday. There is something about the start of the week being a good time psychologically to start something. I know I could start something on any day of the week, but Monday just seems easier.

A friend came over today, with a knitting machine for me to play with. Looking forward to using that to make some baby blankets with. But, that isn't an unfinished project, so while I will start using it this month, it doesn't count.

Today I have done more work on the baby blanket I posted a picture of yesterday. I suspect this project is going to take awhile to get finished. It really isn't an 'instant gratification' project. I've also managed to cut out a little more of the cushion covers. I would have cut more, but I don't seem to have big enough pieces in the bits I found. So I need to look through the stash for more. It's just plain black calico, I know I've got more of it somewhere.....

Part of me thinks I should work on one project until it is finished. It's a nice ideal, but often not practical. Some of the unfinished projects I have are a bit complex, not ones I can just pick up and put down. Which is something I need to be able to do when crafting around a 13 month old. So I actually found myself in the situation of having to find projects I could do around her. I think that is one of the reasons that knitting seems to be my primary craft currently, as I can put it down on the back of the couch easily.

Not only did I manage to work on unfinished projects today, I also did a little decluttering. Not much, just a few bits from my craft room went into the paper recycling bin and a few unfinished projects went off the table and into the unfinished projects cupboard, but baby steps right.

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