Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day 24: Knitting and a Finished Project

I finished weaving all the ends in on the baby blanket *happy dance*. I hate weaving ends in, yet I'm debating doing a blanket in stripes, I must be slightly nuts. The photo doesn't show off the gorgeous blue that the top strip is, but it shows I finished it :)

That was the sum total of my unfinished project work today. I did wind a couple of balls, in preparation for the next baby blanket I make.

I'm not too sure where my day went. There was a slightly grizzly child this morning (teething), so we had some singing and dancing. Then there was a nap, for both of us, till she came through and woke me up. It was her first sleep in her single bed in her room. I did manage to drop some camping bits from the weekend back to the friend who they belonged to. There were lots of snuggles in there too.

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