Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day Seven: Knitting

I'm wondering if I should come up with more specific titles for each day, but given I'm not always working on any specific project, numbers seem as good as any.
Edit: I changed my mind, I'm now using the day, what craft I'm working on, and any other good things, like completing projects.

Today I knitted. I finished knitting the second blue glove. Now all I need to do to finish them is sew the edges up on both of them. Should take me less than 20 minutes, but I just felt like knitting today. I've also knitted another 7 rows on the baby blanket, and am into my third ball of yarn. I suspect that I'm not going to have quite enough to make it as big as I'd like, so will probably end up either picking up stitches at the other end and putting stripes at both ends, or just at one end. Or possibly crochet a border around the whole thing.  Who knows, I'll see what I feel like when I finish knitting it.

I'm so pleased with myself, I've managed to work on unfinished projects every day for the last week, and I haven't started any new ones. I have acquired a new one, from my  mother in law, two big bags of tablecloths and napkins to iron. Had I known they'd been tucked in a wardrobe waiting for ironing since my wedding over two years ago, I would have offered sooner. We found them while I was being shown (aka being allowed to raid) her fabric stash. I took one piece of fabric, some black sweat-shirting to make my husband some new track pants. I'm not planning to start them this month, but it is there for next month when a couple more projects are completed.

Not only have I managed to work on my unfinished projects every day, but I'm also finding that I'm getting more done around the house. For the past week the lounge has stayed tidied, I'm up to date on the laundry and the kitchen has been cleaned almost every night. I've managed to do some de-cluttering in the past week. Like tonight. I have a dish on my beside cabinet, it has jewelry and random things in it. When we change our daughter's nappy, she gets to pick something from the dish to play with, in the hope of keeping her still long enough to put a clean nappy on her. But some of the things she picks out aren't suitable (safety pins) or have smaller things attached (like bobby pins) that I then end up having to pick up off the floor. Tonight while my husband changed her I tipped the dish out, put all the things that shouldn't be in there into a jar to be sorted another time, and left what was meant to be in there. It took less time to do that than it did for him to change her nappy. Sometimes things really do take less time than we spend procrastinating about doing the.

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