Monday, 1 October 2012

Day One: Epic list of projects and some knitting

I was actually a little worried that today was going to a write off, which would be a very bad way to start a month long challenge. I had a late night last night, on very little sleep, and had to get up early this morning to take my brother to an appointment, which took a lot longer than expected.

First off, my list of unfinished projects. These are ones that I have started, it doesn't include the ones I've got planned. If I included those it would make the list twice as long...... I think this is all of them. There may be more. If I think of or find any, I'll just edit the list.

  • Black baby singlet. I started this before my daughter was born, she's now 13months old
  • 'Travelling Woman Shawl'. This was originally for me, I'm now planning to give it to my mum. 
  • Sophie's (niece) dress
  • Monkey socks. For myself, I may frog them and make something else with the yarn. 
  • Blanket for NICU/SCBU
  • Blue diagonal eyelet gloves, second one in pair
  • Nigel's hood
  • Nigel's pouch with arms on it
  • Tumbling blocks quilt, long term project as it's being done by hand
  • Cushion covers (set of 5) for Opal. 
  • Whirligig ball for Lorelie
  • Advent calenders x2
  • Gynn's dressing gown
  • Guinevere's hoodie
  • Travel high chair 
  • Guinevere's chair
  • Rug/quilt made with furnishing samples
  • Paneled skirt for myself 
  • Sean's Artemis badges
Cross Stitch
  • Andrew and Rosie's napkins, I've done 4 of the 8
  •  Butterfly bears for Opal
  • Wizard and Dragon for Ivan
  • Tatty Teddy bookmark
  • Tatty Teddy school girl
  • Promise Eagle for Mum
  • Buddha for Paul
  • Rapunzel shoe for Ellen
  • Blue fairy for myself
  • Birth sampler for Shakana (niece)
  • Birth sampler for Jaliah (niece)
  • Blackwork purse for myself
There seem to be more cross stitch projects than anything else, I think that is because I'm really not doing that as much as I used to. I would say this means I shouldn't buy any more cross stitch stuff, but thinking about it, I haven't been buying much. I have only bought threads to complete projects, plus two new small kits, one is completed, one is for a friend.
I thought I had more knitting and sewing projects, especially knitting ones. I did finish a pair of socks yesterday, all I had left to do was weave in the ends. I gave them to my mother in law. I also finished two sewing projects that I'd been working on for years in the last month, a set of 5 cushions for a friend and a quilt for my niece's 5th birthday.

So far today I have done several rows on the baby blanket.

I've also found some of my black fabric, hopefully enough to do the cushions for my sister. If not, I'm going to have to tidy some of my sewing room....... That alone could take me all month. 

Anyway, it will be midnight in 8 minutes, so I'm barely scraping in on posting this on the first. But I managed it, I'm off to a good start :)

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  1. I have yet to go through all of mine but I know I have:

    Pair of socks for ??
    pair of wrist warmers for ryan's mum
    scale maille skirt
    arm warmers of doom
    baby jumper
    lacey cardigan for me
    lace shawl
    wrist warmers for me

    baby blanket(might be going to frog pond)

    bunny hoodie for me
    dress for Guinevere
    bag for me
    project bags to sell
    Dress for me
    Dress for me
    Skirt for me
    shirts for ryan
    Skirt for Remi

    Sheesh that is a lot and that doesn't count mending I need to do!