Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 17: Knitting and new projects

I didn't realise that yesterday put me halfway through the month. I have managed to work on unfinished projects every single day so far, which is a fantastic feeling.I know I've managed to miss a day of writing about it, and some of my posts are somewhat sparse or clinical. But that wasn't the point for me. The point for me was external accountability to help me work on unfinished projects. So far, success.

I've made it halfway through the month without starting on any new projects. I started a pair of pants for my husband for the weekend, the pattern is drafted, the fabric is drying, I'll hopefully cut and sew them tomorrow. I have also decided I'm making myself a new skirt for the weekend. We're going to the folk festival and there  is a calleigh (dance) on one of the nights, I'd like a skirt that twirls and fits well. It's a simple pattern, shouldn't take too long to make. The catch is I'm hoping there is enough fabric to make two different skirts, which means I'll have to copy the other pattern and lay them both out at the same time to see if I can make all the pattern pieces fit. Adding the meterage together tells me I don't have enough, but sometimes you can lay things out differently. So we'll see how I go.

I've also got a 'new' knitting project to work on this weekend. A friend asked me ages ago if I could make something for her partner. She's only just managed to get back to me with the measurements, and needs it by the end of the month. I'm glad I've already got the wool to knit it. I'll be casting it on tomorrow and working on that as much as I can.

It's strange, I thought it would feel really good to start something new, but it's kinda not. The things I'm starting are for specific purposes, not for the enjoyment of it. Sure, I'll enjoy getting the commission out of the way, my husband will enjoy having pants without holes and I'll enjoy being able to dance in a skirt that isn't too tight, but it's not the same anticipation of a new project. I think my mindset currently really is on finishing existing projects. I hope it stays that way long enough to clear the backlog so that I can enjoy new projects.

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